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About the breed

At Desert Legend we are the number one breeder of Doberman Pinschers in the United States. We are noted for our Super Size AKC Dobermans that are bred for their size, conformation, and temperament.

Desert Legend Dobermans can be your family's best friend and protector or can be used as service dogs, or estate/executive guard dogs.

Suzan Baker is a confirmation expert and has searched the United States, Canada, Europe and Russia to find the proper combination of breeding dogs to provide you with the finest guard dogs possible. These dogs are fast, agile and able to outrun
an intruder if needed.

We offer a Doberman for any want or need from the fast, agile and athletic dog to the bulky and aggressive animal preferred as guard and protection dogs.

Because of their size, gentle nature and excellent conformation, a Doberman is
the ideal choice as a guard dog to protect your family or estate. As a protector a Doberman Pincher cannot be bribed or paid off, they are loyal and protect the
family they love. For this very reason we have sold animals to celebrities and political figures.

At Desert Legend everything is done first class because our dogs and clients deserve nothing less. The dogs receive the finest foods, ample exercise and the best in socialization and love. Starting correctly is vital to the dog and its
integration into their new family. Our clients love our dogs. Click here for more.

We have made it possible for anyone to own one of these SUPERIOR Doberman Pinschers with a variety of payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Pay Pal or a payment plan to fit your budget.